Friday, December 14, 2012

Frequently Asked Questions about Chiengora

Cheingora is yarn spun from dog hair.  
It has a halo similar to angora yarn. 


What breed of dogs have good fur for spinning?        
  • Any breed with brushings that are soft and about an inch long.  Cut hair tends to be prickly.

How do I collect the fur?
  •         Collect the fur by brushing or combing your dog. You may want the soft undercoat of your dog's fur, rather than the stiffer outer coat.  This outer coat can be spun but will affect the texture of the yarn.
  •  Washing your dog before you brush may encourage the fur to shed and also makes for cleaner and less smelly fur.
  • Throw away any really dirty or short bits of fur.
  • Don't pack it too tightly in your storage container (bag or box).

How much fur do I need?
  •  A sandwich bag of fur weighs approximately 1 oz.
  • A gallon zip lock bag of fur weighs approximately 3 oz.
  • A plastic grocery bag of fur weighs approximately 7 oz.
  • The finished weight of the yarn is less than the weight of the fur.  This is due to some fur that flys away during the spinning process and the dirt that is washed out.

How much yarn for mittens, hats or scarves?
  • Your pattern will give you the requirements for how much yarn is needed.  The yarn I spin from dog fur is usually a 2-ply sport weight yarn.

Does yarn spun from dog fur smell?
  • No, even though the fur can be smelly. The yarn is washed in herbal pet shampoo as part of the spinning process. 

 How do I care for my finished item made of dog yarn?
  • Hand wash in warm water using shampoo.  Rinse in the same temperature.  Do not agitate or change water temperature.  Gently squeeze the item to remove the water.  Do not ring it. This causes felting.  Roll the item up in a towel to absorb the extra water and then dry flat.  Hanging the item can cause it to stretch and distort its shape.

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