Saturday, February 23, 2013

To finish is divine

I'm pleased to say that I have finished several projects this week...Caribbean Surf scarf, my version of Creekbed by Stephen West.
Caribbean Surf
 This scarf features two of my handspun yarns, Jasmine (english angora) and Caribbean (2ply wool).

And my version of the Flamboyant scarf featuring my corespun yarn.
Both Caribbean and the Corespun yarns are availble in my shop.  Note the new tab on the top of the blog....

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Corespinning continued

wrapping the core 
 Yes, it is taking practice, practice and patience to get a balanced core spun yarn.  

 Stay tuned for more "art yarns" as I go stash diving and explore yarn design.     

 And, this is what you can do with this "art yarn"....

I will use a brushed mohair yarn with the handspun core spun for this Flamboyant scarf.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Corespinning is a handspinning technique where unspun fiber is wrapped around a core yarn.  Corespinning provides a way to make your precious decorative fibers go further, that is, make more yarn.   It also, provides a way to use up a yarn that you might not be so fond of.

So here I go, trying to teach my hands new movements at the wheel to create something useful and beautiful.

 I started with a commercial yarn that I spun in the S direction.   Using this overspun S-twist yarn as a core, I let the fiber wrap around it spinning in the Z direction.
I used a Merino/Tencel roving.
I like the sheen that the tencel offers.
before and after wet finish

However, my resulting yarn was over spun in the Z direction.  I then spun it again in the S direction to remove some of the twist.  
a bit over twisted

It's going to take more practice for me to get a balanced yarn on the first pass.  I'll keep at.

I welcome any suggestions for improvement.