Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Corespinning is a handspinning technique where unspun fiber is wrapped around a core yarn.  Corespinning provides a way to make your precious decorative fibers go further, that is, make more yarn.   It also, provides a way to use up a yarn that you might not be so fond of.

So here I go, trying to teach my hands new movements at the wheel to create something useful and beautiful.

 I started with a commercial yarn that I spun in the S direction.   Using this overspun S-twist yarn as a core, I let the fiber wrap around it spinning in the Z direction.
I used a Merino/Tencel roving.
I like the sheen that the tencel offers.
before and after wet finish

However, my resulting yarn was over spun in the Z direction.  I then spun it again in the S direction to remove some of the twist.  
a bit over twisted

It's going to take more practice for me to get a balanced yarn on the first pass.  I'll keep at.

I welcome any suggestions for improvement.

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