Friday, March 8, 2013

Area 51

My Area 51
What is that mess?  Well, it is my area 51.  Where my UFOs hide... UFO = UnFinished Objects

I decided that I needed to inventory what has been stashed away in this secret area.  Since finishing is divine... there might be something in here that I can complete in a short time.  

I came up with a list of a dozen projects... Yikes!  

Where do I start?  I decided to start with the projects that I will end up selling in the Etsy shop.  
That is, after I finished my WIPs.  

Works In Progress  

I have a few WIPs I'm focusing on this week:
I've completed the spinning of the English Angora yarn I posted about last week.  It just needs to be measured and documented. 
Jasmine yarn
 And, I am almost done with the Lanesplitter skirt.  I'm working on the waist band now.
Lanesplitter skirt
Oh,  and the scarf for the church sale... a few more inches to be knit and the tassels.
Then, I'm good to go onto the first UFO....


  1. Love that skirt !

  2. I like it too. It has been a joy to work on. I plan to wear it with black tights, boots and top. You can get the pattern from