Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Sampling - Thick 'n Thin

I'm designing my next set of yarns... Thick 'n Thin.  I started by sampling with a roving I dyed.   This New Zealand wool roving was dyed using the casserole method... Yes, another experiment.  

I spun a thick and thin single of this roving, keeping track of how far apart I was making the slubs and also how long each slub was.  If the slub is longer than the staple length it can pull apart easily.  The distance between the slubs is a matter of taste.  I plied it with a single of "Jasmine", English Angora...thinking that it might create a soft halo.   Well, that didn't really happen.  

I knit a sample swatch, using size 8 needles.  I didn't want the thin parts to be too loose 
or the thick parts too tight. 

purl side 
To my surprise, I liked the "purl side" the best.  I would make this the "right side" in a finished project.
knit side
Which side do you like the best?

The new yarns should hit the Esty shop in a few days.  


  1. It's funny how all the texture seems to end up on the back - it's certainly the best side for these sort of yarns. Love the colours.

  2. I plan to use the Thick n' Thin Berry Season for a cowl... that is if it doesn't sell in my Esty shop.