Saturday, April 6, 2013

A new beginning - overdye

With Easter and Spring come thoughts of New Beginnings.... I had this sweater that I didn't much like...the fit, the color but I loved the yarn.  I knit it from my handspun angora and wool.  It's been sitting in Area 51 for some time now waiting for me to do something with it. 
In an attempt to give it new life, I frogged it.  I spun up the rest of the angora/wool fiber matching the yarn I had spun for the cabled sweater I frogged. 
 And, into the dye pot it went....
I put three skeins in with blue acid wash dye. Not all the dye was exhausted so I added the rest of the skeins until the dye bath was clear.    This produced three blue skeins and several peach with a little blue.  I mixed up some fuchsia dye and added it to the existing dye pot.  Then added the two tone skeins until the dye bath was clear.  

This is what I ended up with. 

I like the colors better than the peach.  The yarn is so soft with a little halo.... Not sure what I'll make of it.  I'm thinking of weaving with it.   

I'll call it progress... moving a UFO and roving from Fiber Stash to Yarn Stash.  

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