Saturday, July 27, 2013

Off and on the wheel

Off the wheel in the past few months is Chiengora...

I wonder what beautiful creations the owners of these dogs will make.  A treasured keepsake for sure. 
On the very own Chai and Latte
Chai and Latte at 7 weeks
My how they have grown...

Chai and Latte at 3 months, 3 weeks

Both bunnies are a hybrid of German, French and English angoras.  Chai is a Chestnut Agouti and Latte is a Tort.  Look at the wonderful color variation...


 I'm spinning Chai into a very fine single that I will Navajo ply. 
Chai singles
I will do the same with Latte's wool.  I plan to weave or knit a scarf using the two yarns.  Stay tuned....

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