Friday, September 20, 2013

Keepsake Fiber on Facebook

Keepsake Fiber now has a Facebook page.    I figure it is just another way for me to share what I have been up to and encourage interest in my Etsy shop.

I've joined several fiber related groups on Facebook. There is a wealth of information out there and new contacts to be made. 

One of the groups I've joined is Spin-A-Pound-Get-A-Pound. This is a group that connects spinners with growers. I connected with an alpaca grower who sent me 2nds from both Suri and Huacaya . 2nds are the wool from around the neck and legs. It is perfectly good fiber and was clean.  

I am to keep half of the fiber and spin half of it for the grower in whatever way I choose.

 Here is what I spun.

This is a variety of yarns, from a 4ply cable featuring 3 different colors,
a 3ply with the same three colors, and various 2ply yarns of individual colors.

I learned that I really don't want more 2nds in my stash. This yarn is not as soft as prime alpaca fiber.  I think it would make great felted items.... something not worn next to your skin.  I'd like to make felted slippers with what I now have in my stash and perhaps a felted bag too!

For my next SAPGAP, I am looking for prepared fibers. 

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