Saturday, August 2, 2014

Use the good stuff...

Go ahead use the good stuff, no matter what that is.  Do you ever find yourself saving the good stuff for that special project only to have it sit in storage? For what?  I have, but no more.  I did this with a shawl that I spun from a raw Icelandic fleece and knit into a lace shawl.

I saved it because it was "good stuff".  I thought I would sell it but realized that I would have to ask what seemed like an outlandish price.  I packed it away and moved it a few times before I came to my senses and took it out of hiding.  I moved it to my car for use when the AC was too cool for me and just right for my husband.  I found myself admiring it and smiling.  I then brought it out in public... oh yes, to the air conditioned office where I was chilly.  I wore it with pride and admired it again when I saw it draped over the back of my chair.  The color graduations amazed me... I didn't notice those changes in the yarn while spinning.  I saw it in the knitting but hadn't planned the changes to match the pattern so nicely.  Again, I wondered why I had shelved this good stuff for another day.  What day is better than today?  Enjoy.  Use the good stuff.

I am now planning my next  project using the good stuff: my handspun angora from Latte.
 I am going to make this lace scarf.
What good stuff are you going to use/take out of hiding? 

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