Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Ah angora...

I love angora... not just the yarn or fiber... but I love my bunnies.  I have 4 darling angora rabbits:
1) Latte, a torte
Latte (1 1/2 years old)
2) Chai, a chestnut agouti,
Chai (1 year)

3) CinnaBun, a cinnamon agouti
CinnaBun (6 months)
and 4) Bella, a black.   I love the way they greet me when I walk into the room where they are caged, the feel of their fur and the tickle of the fluff as I brush them to harvest the fiber.  
 Daily, I give them each a "bunny once over", by running my hands over their body to ensure there is no vm, matts or other problems.  Once a week, I groom them with a comb and harvest the loose fiber.  Every 3-4 months, they blow a coat providing lots of fluff for spinning.
Bella (6 months) and a brushing

Spinning angora is a wonderful experience.  It does take practice as it is slippery and requires a lot of twist.  I typically spin it into a fingering weight 2 ply yarn. 
Chai on the wheel - singles
Yes, it tends to fly away with the slightest breeze and stick to you because of static electricity... Yes, it is worth it.  I like to spritz the fiber with a watered down mixture of hair conditioner as I spin to prevent these difficulties.
Latte fiber

I like to weave and knit. The angora handspun works up beautifully in many projects.  
 Latte Lace angora scarf.  Knitting instructions for this scarf can be found at keepsakefiber on FaceBook.

 Caribbean Surf - this is my version of the Creekbed Scarf by Stephen West.
   Handwoven scarves from my first bunnies.... Jasmine and Cali

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