Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Southdown Longitudinal Socks

Southdown is the breed of sheep that other Down breeds were developed from.   The names comes from the South Downs, an area along the English Channel.  This breed was primarily raised for meat.  Over time breeders began improving the Southdown's bloodlines to increase it size and for fleece.  It is primarily a white sheep.  However, there are some colored Southdowns.
Down wool is springy, with great elasticity and strength, making it an excellent choice for hard wearing items. That's all I needed to read about this breed to come up with this project.   

I just finished knitting a pair of longitudinal socks.  I enjoyed the construction technique...a magic cast on and knit flat.  An easy knit.  However, I wasn't fond of the how the yarn I used responded to this makeup.  It sagged... I want my socks to hug my foot.  


I took a little Southdown  roving - 

and a little MerinoTencel - 
splitting the roving into strips to make long stripes.   I spun singles and then made a two ply yarn.  
and the socks are under way.... 

 I'll model them when finished.  Perhaps, the photo will be better too... the striping is there...

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